At Last! How Recruitment Agencies  Just Like You Make More Placements In 1 Day with Recruitment Marketing Secrets
What is Recruitment Marketing Secrets?
Inside you will find actual Marketing Secrets that if implemented will allow any Recruitment Agency to place more candidates in as little as 30 days
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STOP Losing Out On The Best Candidates To Competitors Once And For All
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  •  Secret 1: Turn £1 into a £7000 - £10,000 placement fee. We reveal the online marketplace you can use to buy candidates CVs who are suitable and interested in your jobs. We show you how this marketplace works and how you can enter it to buy targeted candidates.
  •  Secret 2: The same Facebook marketing strategy that one of the world’s largest Recruitment Agency uses every day to get 100s of suitable candidates applying to their jobs. There is a very small amount of Recruitment Agencies using this method and it’s one of the best Facebook Marketing Strategies we have ever seen. 
  •  Secret 3: We reveal how one Recruitment Business is using a Facebook Chatbot to get their jobs viewed over 150,000 times. We breakdown how their Chatbot works and show you how you can do the same.
  •  Secret 4: We show you a lead generation method that will alert you to the exact moment any company has a new vacancy. Recruiters Using This FREE Method has increased their billing by over £6000 Per Month. With this method you can get in touch with the company before they get a chance to contact your competitors.
  •  Secret 5: LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy that if done correctly will provide your Recruitment Agency with a Steady flow of new clients looking you to fill their jobs. We have been consistently getting results for our clients using this method. This is one of the best LinkedIn in lead generation methods you are likely to ever see for Recruitment Agencies.
  •  Secret 6: Get Your Jobs on the 1st page of Google. We reveal how it’s possible to get all your jobs on Google’s first page. Google is the first place any candidate will go when looking for a job.
  •  Secret 7: For the 1st time ever, we reveal how to get an advert placed on any website, showcasing your Recruitment Agency. (FOR FREE) that’s right you don’t pay a penny for BBC, SKY NEWS, CNN, or any other authority website to show an advert to your Recruitment Agency. This is by far, one of the most powerful marketing secrets ever shown. We take you step by step through the full process.
  •  Plus, lots more……
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