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What We're All About:
We're a group of underground Recruitment Marketing Experts, who are helping Recruiters across the world attract more Candidates & Clients using secret online marketing methods and software. 
And the best part is: 
You don’t need to be a marketing expert or spend a fortune to do it.
Before we start, I want you to know that we are not about Boolean Search, Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn Optimization or any of that other stuff that you can find online. 

If you have come here looking for this kind of thing then it's better to leave now. 

However if you are looking for new Marketing Methods & Software that will put you miles ahead as a Recruiter please read on.
Why Should You Even Listen To Us?
Our Team have worked in every area of recruitment. 

*We have owned Recruitment Agencies. 
*We have owned Job Boards. 
*We have managed the Marketing for some of the world’s largest recruitment agencies.

The years of experience we have in Client and Candidate attraction allow us to walk this path of changing the Recruitment Market place from a resourced based model to one of a Marketing based model. 

We believe that every Recruitment Agency needs to start Marketing themselves a lot better to attract more clients & candidates

Who has time for Marketing I hear you shout!
The 3 main reasons which stop Recruiters from Marketing their service are:
  •  Time: You don't have time to do it and unless you have someone that knows how to do Recruitment marketing the right way is simply doesn’t get done.
  •  Knowledge: There are too many platforms and social media sites to know where to start or what you should be doing
  •  Money: Hiring someone who knows how to do it can be a very costly experience and take months to see any real results
We have now eliminated these 3 barriers for Recruitment Businesses
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We are successfully helping Recruitment Agencies & Job Boards just like yours implement the below strategies to get more candidates and clients.
LinkedIn Marekting
LinkedIn Marketing that will connect & message new connections every day for you.
Facebook ChatBots
One simple Facebook Chat Bot can explode the amount of Candidates Applying to your Jobs

Buy Candidates
Buy the same traffic & candidates as the Job Boards for a fraction of the cost.
Save thousands with this method
 Twitter Marketing
Message, follow, retweet, like and engage with targeted Candidates & Clients on complete autopilot.
Spy On The Competition

How to see exactly where your competitors are getting their Candidates from
Recruitment Leads
Recruitment Lead Generation Methods that will guarantee new clients
 Very Powerful Method!

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